What We Do

MSM partners with local event organizers to help them procure local sponsors that don’t normally advertise but routinely spend their money to support local causes.

We are a salesforce for your event/organization without the overhead. MSM will handle everything from the initial sales call, to billing and collections, production, and follow-up customer service.

Our goal is to forge unique promotional opportunities, by extending the reach of event organizers and tapping into hyper-local communities.

Each event organizer will have input on a personalized plan, from price points, to community locations, to causes. If an event organizer already has a sponsorship platform in place, then we can hit the ground running with that plan.

Our Event Partners

Bishop's Events
Taco Festivals
Ooh-La-La Chocolate 5k
Run For Beer
All Star Festivals
All Star Festivals
Hal Sports
Colorado Runner Events
The Will Hicks Foundation
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