Our History

Since 1987, Multimedia Sales & Marketing (MSM) has provided revenue solutions to radio and TV stations across North America.

Our inside sales team offers local businesses the opportunity to sponsor radio spots that promote awareness of causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Blood Donation, Anti-Drug Abuse, and Military Appreciation.

MSM’s goal is to provide a simple yet profitable service and create long-term business relationships with both our clients and local small businesses.

How We Work

In practice, MSM sells radio time to local small businesses on behalf of their 1000+ radio partners around the country; each of the messages contain a community awareness campaign.

We have an experienced Sales staff working hard everyday on behalf of our clients.

We handle everything from the initial sales call, to billing and collections, production, and follow-up customer service.

Proposal for Event Organizers

MSM is currently expanding its product line to include other community-based projects. MSM is launching into the local event space. We are partnering with local event organizers to help them procure local sponsors. As the leader in its industry, MSM does what other advertising companies cannot; generating millions of dollars in revenue from local businesses that don’t normally advertise but routinely spend their money to support local causes. We are a salesforce for your event/organization without the overhead.

This partnership would provide:

  • An opportunity for more local small businesses to get involved within their communities.
  • Extra sponsorship revenue to local event organizers.

This is a true Win/Win for all parties involved.

Our Goal

Our goal is to forge unique promotional opportunities, by extending the reach of event organizers and tapping into hyper-local communities. MSM will replicate the process that we have successfully used with radio stations for 30+ years, and make the promotional process turn-key for the event organizers.  Each event organizer will have input on a personalized plan, from price points, to community locations, to causes. If an event organizer already has a sponsorship platform in place, then we can hit the ground running with that plan.

Keys to Success

Business Leads:

  • We purchase a list of companies in specific markets and will send it to you at your request to review before any calls are placed.
  • You have as much control as you want over which leads and business categories we call.
  • Our sales people never see the leads you have restricted. For instance, we will avoid calling the competitors of any existing relationships.
Campaign Themes:

  • We don’t sell advertising, we sell the cause.
  • Our campaign themes promote awareness of causes.
  • We will focus our efforts on an existing cause or work closely with you to create your own unique campaign theme.
Sales Staff:

  • MSM is a place where employees can secure a career and not just a job.
  • We provide our Sales-pros with the ongoing training, guidance and tools necessary to be competitive and reach the professional level they desire in their sales career.
  • You can be confident that every call we make has the same degree of professionalism and care that it would have if your team were making the calls yourself.
MSM Events Sales Team